The Porte Story

Porte has been serious about real estate since 1968. Over the course of 54+ years, we’ve learned we aren’t just developing properties, we’re tangibly contributing to communities, and we certainly are no stranger to the community of Surrey. We’ve proudly built several successful projects in this vibrant area, from HQ in 2016, to Verve, a collection of 197 homes at 13931 Fraser Highway, to our latest project Quinn in the heart of Surrey’s City Centre. At Porte, we’re not just building projects, we’re building homes.

porte promises

Over the years Porte has developed a set of fundamental beliefs. These beliefs when put into action have formed the promises that we make and live by every day.

porte promises

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  • People Focus

    We are passionate about our people. We encourage personal growth, achievement and fun while we work. We care about the people we work with and treat our co-workers, customers and suppliers fairly and with respect.

  • committed to excellence

    We are dedicated to excellence in our work. Our criteria for personal service and quality are non-negotiable. We deliver to our exacting standards and don’t stop until we get it right.

  • trustworthy

    Our company is built on a solid foundation of trust and long term relationships. We have been successful over the years because we are guided by ethics and honesty in everything we do.

  • community builders

    We create places where people love to live, work and play. We are committed to strengthening the communities we work in so they last for generations. We are humbled to be able to support people and charities in every location we do business.


88 homes


117 homes


345 homes

Quinn, Surrey City Centre

174 homes